Posted by: LLS | March 27, 2013

Stop Standing On Your Chair To Dance!


I recently attended a Matchbox Twenty concert with my best friend and her sister. I love these two beautiful women! Both of them are sweet, loving, giving, and kind. Either would give you the shirt right off their backs and not bat an eye. They are always smiling and fast at pointing out the bright side of most any situation. Both are quick to laugh, share, and enjoy life.  Time with either of them, is time well spent. Collectively or individually, you couldn’t ask to be in better company.

When we arrived at ACL Live at Moody Theater (home of the TV show Austin City Limits) the place was bustling with people. We had just enough time to get a Dixie cup of wine and find our seats. We climbed the stairs until we arrived at a door where a ticket checker stopped everyone to make sure they were on the  right level. We were on the mezzanine, another two flights of stairs was the balcony. Inside we found our seats quickly. They were hand selected by my friend on the back row, so we could stand and dance along, as is our normal fashion for live music shows. This is, keep in mind, Austin Texas Live Music Capital of the World. Or so I’m told.

We unloaded our coats etcetera, marveled at what perfect seats she had picked, and went for a quick tour of the photo gallery in the halls of this level.  Carefree as always, we took pictures in front of various famous musicians and pointed out artist we liked. Hearing the opening act start, we hurried to take our place. We sat through the first act, clapping along and feeling the energy of their music.


When Matchbox took the stage the place, which had been a bit solemn, lit up. After a few new songs (She’s so mean…) they played some oldies that caused the crowd on the floor to jump to their feet. We followed in turn and the party started. I was ecstatic. We were enjoying the songs and the memories that followed each word, Unwell, 3 AM, If you’re gone… and in the midst of all the singing and clapping I, the designated driver, noticed that a group of women had congregated behind our seats. This was the case behind the seats all the way around the mezzanine.  Two of them gave me a sharp look when I glanced back and I over heard one say, “Great, make it where no one can see.”  For a moment I wasn’t sure if she was talking about us and frankly didn’t much care since our seats were intentionally on the back row so we wouldn’t block other seated patrons. A few moments later and an older woman standing in the mob of unseated attendees asked my friend’s sister to “Stop Standing on her seat to dance!” The sweet girl didn’t even understand what the woman was saying, but my friend did and explained that she wasn’t standing on her seat, she was just tall, in fact both of them are tall and this became an apparent issue. (See picture above. Keep in mind I have on 4 inch heels) The women kept getting close and trying to look over the seat to make sure her feet were in fact on the floor. My higher vibrational self  remained calm. My human self, not so much. I became irritated.

Push, Bright Lights, Someday, the crowd is jamming to the beat and the pack is getting angry. The waitress comes and the girls order themselves another round of Dixie cups and the night continues. I over hear repeated snide remarks, but have decided to ignore them. I do however, take notice that the entire floor section is standing as well as various ares of the mezzanine and balcony. My question was, how could any able-bodied human not be standing? My best friend and said sister have their glowing smiles on in full mesmerizing force and I became protective. I figure if it was against some rule, the staff would have asked us to be seated, they didn’t. It further occurs to me that to be allowed into this area you must show your ticket. So the herd must have their own seats. Shitty seats maybe, but seats just the same. Deal with it! I became indifferent.

The next hour is all about enjoying each other and the music. No room for the sourpusses in the nonplussed gaggle. As the encore ends with roaring applause, whistles, and more glares are thrown our way, I am trying very hard to ignore the flock and even attempt a sympathetic smile as if to say, great show sorry you won’t let yourself enjoy it. At this point I am mad at myself for buying into their drama issues.  They scowl and exchange words to each other I can feel are directed at us. I became indignant.

The show ends and we are filled with laughter and satisfaction. My friend states, “Another thing to check off my bucket list.” I am thrilled for her. Seeing the light in her dancing eyes makes it all worth it. As we exit our seats I over hear one of the covey say, “Now we can watch them all fall down the stairs, since they drank their weight in wine.”  Now I’m pissed.

I stop in my tracks and have a quick inner dialog that goes something like this. They had assigned seats. They chose to stand behind us. They could have taken their seats or moved. They chose to make themselves miserable and say snide things to three people who were only enjoying themselves. My friends had two (2) Dixie cup sized glasses of wine! If they were your size and drank their weight in wine then yes, there would most definitely be a problem! They deserve to hear my thoughts on the subject. I’m sorry you just couldn’t let go, join us and enjoy the awesome music. I am now choosing to let them have it! “Excuse me, yes you. Are you angry because we were standing AT OUR SEATS?” I say, rather hostile.  They look at each other sheepishly and half turn as if to ignore me. I continue, “If you didn’t like it, you could have moved to YOUR OWN SEATS!”

It is at this point my Higher Self says, “Why are you doing this? You are as bad as they are. Let it go. You could have offered them your seat and maybe that would have made the difference. My Human self argues back, “But there were too many of them and they were rude about it!” My Higher Self is not amused and offers me a smile as if to say,” Sorry YOU wouldn’t let it go and enjoy the show.” I am now subjective.

What I learned is simple. I chose to interact with these women on a low vibration level. Though I firmly believe there are times when people need to be called out (hurting a child or animal, being cruel or abusive) but on this, who am I to do the calling? I was self-appointed. I was protective of my friends and I took offense at their catty remarks. I allowed them to get under my skin. Do I wish I had handled it differently? Maybe. Could I have done anything to make the situation better? Possibly. Do I regret saying any of the things I said? Human Self screams, NO I DON”T! Higher Self says, “Tisk, Tisk.” I only wish I had used more meaningful words to state my feelings; spoken in a  more intelligent, less hostile way to express my thoughts. Would it have mattered? Who cares! It would have made me feel better about the situation and perhaps made them realize their error in all of this. End result? We had a wonderful time all in all. Moral of the story? Kindness is never lost on the most feeble-minded or low vibrational being.

Human Self is calling Bull Shit! I become conflicted.


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