Posted by: LLS | March 6, 2013

Life and the Sea


You can’t tell when my mind is set on pain. You don’t know when I am reliving a memory or sorting through my thoughts. I smile when you ask me what I’m thinking, but I don’t answer. If you ask me where I’m going, I’ll say to the sea.

With a thought I can go there, quick as a flash. I close my eyes and I hear her call me. When I need to heal and be cleansed of thoughts I allow to get trapped in my mind, I imagine a perfect day at the beach. All I need is to feel the water wash over my skin and smell the salt in the air. I fill my mind with memories that I carry with me, my memories of the sea.

I always think of her as if I were still a child. She is magical and ever-changing. Loud, with foamy roaring waves and beautifully littered with gifts of sea glass and shells. Mysteriously deep and vast with dark places. Treasures hidden in her caves and beneath forgotten ships that tried to cross her. At dawn she sings a song I can hear and the sun loves her so, he falls into her arms each night. The wind never stops caressing her shore, kissing the dunes and grasses. She is home to mermaids, all sorts of grand creatures, and me.

I do love the sea. She makes me happy in ways no other can. She welcomes me and accepts me unconditionally. She knows me and greets me with playful waves circling my ankles, sand smooth under my feet and sun warm on my skin. I settle into a liquid peace of mind, then swim until I can’t remember why I felt  anything but thankful. She carries me weightless, rocking me like a child. I am cradled in her loving embrace and I am whole once more.

You ask me where I went and I smile, but I don’t answer. Only the sea knows all my secrets.

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