Posted by: LLS | February 24, 2013

Size Does Matter


This winter I worked on finishing all the little projects around my house I had started but ran out of interest, money, or steam and didn’t complete. It started with a chair I thought I couldn’t afford to have reupholstered, but loved too much to throw away. Luckily, I learned through Penterest I could paint it with fabric paint. It turned out great! So I proceeded with a hopeful heart and a renewed spirit to my small powder room. It was a dark dreary little place that no one wanted to use. It really needed a face lift. I decided to make it a funky fun little hole in the wall by painting the longest wall with chocolate-colored chalk board paint and the rest a deep aqua teal. My art student daughter painted a scrolling vine with flowers up one wall, on to the ceiling and over the mirror. It turned out very cute. I knew it needed a plant or something to make it a little more warm and friendly but with no window, I wasn’t sure what to do.

Several days later I was shopping for art supplies with my daughter. Our mission was an art supply store recommended by her teacher, but when they didn’t have what she needed we decided to give Hobby Lobby a try. For those of you that may not know what Hobby Lobby is, it’s a large craft store that carries everything from jewelry findings to canvases. They also have a large section dedicated to fake flowers. As we were searching for the particular supplies she needed I saw these huge, I mean gigantic, single stem flowers. They stood 4-5 feet tall at least and came in obnoxious colors. Some looked like Gerber Daisies, some like Sun Flowers, etc. The funny thing was I had been contemplating buying the regular sized smaller version for my powder room with no natural light. I usually detest fake flowers, but these were meant to be a novelty and would be viewed as such.

My daughter plucked one from the box where it rested and stood it next to her, it was almost the same height. We both got a good laugh. She said I should definitely get one, just one, and put it in my newly remodeled funky power room. When I looked at the price I was blown away. I said, “Hell no those are $50, for one stupid fake flower!” My daughter laughed stating, they were on sale 50% off. Still, $50 for an ugly fake flower, no way. I picked up the smaller version and said, “Maybe one of these?” My daughter shook her head. “See mom, that is what is wrong with your thinking. People who have money, lots of money, don’t have the mentality of worrying about money. They pick up the big one because that is the one they want and they don’t look at the price. People like you compare the prices of both sizes and settle on the small one because it cost less. To you $5.99 is reasonable and to them $50.00 is reasonable. Get the big one mom. Stop settling for the small one.” She made her point by holding up both flowers. The dinky one paled in comparison.

To sum this all up. I realized in fake flowers and in life, if we believe we can’t or couldn’t or shouldn’t do something because it is too expensive, we are right! We program our brains to believe what we believe to be true about any number of things. Love, money, happiness, you name it. What we tell ourselves over and over becomes our reality. To quote Abraham Hicks, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” I have thought (believed) lots of messed up things in my life. I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have enough, the list goes on and on. It’s true I’ve been working on correcting those thought patterns, but sometimes old habits die hard, especially when you don’t even realize you are doing them. I raised my kids with Right Mined Thinking, but I don’t always practice what I preach. As my daughter stood there with her big beautiful smile holding up the flowers, I got it. I really got that I have held on to a belief pattern of lack, of not enough, for my entire life. Now, the reality is I do have to manage my money, but I also have to believe there is always enough, always. Guarding every penny sends the message out to the Universe that I don’t have enough and so…that’s exactly what I have. When I go with the flow and allow myself some freedom, everything falls into place. That is the wonderful nature of life.

I didn’t buy the flower. I did however learn a good lesson. Bigger is always better when it comes to the way we think about life.

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  1. “Stop settling for the small one.” That’s a great rule to live by! Thanks.

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