Posted by: LLS | June 16, 2012


Some people come into our lives like a hurricane, unexpectedly strong, often times wild, and always memorable. Sometimes leaving devastation, but with that devastation comes a cleansing, a healing. The nature of them is similar to what happens after a great storm passes, the weak and old structures have been ripped apart, leaving room for new growth and resurrection to begin. These relationships have an impact on us forever. In the end, we find ourselves sifting through the rubble, searching for the positive aspects that come from the seemingly negative experience. We grow as a result if we accept the underlying importance of the interaction.

Some drift in and out of our lives like butterflies. Precious moments spent with them are infrequent yet highly sought-after. They are beautiful like an Indian summer in the mountains. Deep as a vast blue sea, unique as a snowflake, they are perfect and magical. They always hold a special place in our hearts and linger in our minds soft and gentle like a melody. When they leave, we feel no sadness, instead blessed by what remains of them in our vibration. We never know when we will see them again, but we are sure it will feel as it always does, as if time has stood still and we will resume just where we left off. These special people are wonderful gifts. They are the flowers along our life path.

Still others stay and stay. They are our Soul Friends, the Celtic Anam Cara. They mirror to us the hidden parts of ourselves we cannot see alone. They raise our spirits just by their mere presence. When we spend time with them it feels timeless, and we know they are always near even when great gaps of time or distance happen upon us. They nurture our souls and bring out the best in us. The energy between Soul Friends is measurable and is a balanced exchange, pure, positive and lasting. Their good thoughts of us carry us through each day and remind us of whom we really are or are becoming. They are the best glass of wine, the perfect sunset, the song we hum to ourselves, the first bloom after winter. They see our true spirit selves as perfection. They are what make our lives worth living and extraordinarily rich. They leave a smile on our lips and an impression on our hearts.

I am so blessed and thankful for the people in my life today. All have played their part perfectly and all have left their impressions on my heart.



  1. I loved this! Right now, I’m searching for something positive that came out of a very hurtful relationship that just left me emotionally battered. I also have amazing people in my life that love me, and add goodness to my life by being true friends.

    All of these types of people make us who we are and who we will be. Thanks for the gentle reminder that something “good” can come out of all relationships.

    • You are welcome!! I have to keep reminding myself of the same :) Have a fantastic weekend full of gifts.

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